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My encounters with the artist creator of the FLYING MACHINES VOLANTES then his exhibition have been the detonator to upload

The creative imagination joined for the first time my passion for airplanes., created by a private pilot, simply wants to share his passion with other wonderful crazy flying men in their strange machines! aims to be a parcitpatory site. Its goal: to present art related to aviation, to exchange original news, contacts, to share travels, art_exhibition, and to communicate with users pilots. Your participation in the development of the site is welcome. Only one condition: your art_exhibition, contacts, videos or photos must remain relevant and accessible to all audiences.

The links are presented for connoisseurs but also for the curious. The links will evolve according to your suggestions to be more relevant. Most of them have been tested by friends.

By registering, you access a user menu that allows you to submit your ideas, proposals, etc ... The site just needs to evolve with you....

Enjoy !       smiley-cool


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Ther is nothing in our intelligence that has not passed by the senses.

Aristoteles  Greek philosopher (384 -  322 BC)