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How sweet it is to be in love ... The days have gone and you have so much fun to listen to him counting his flights experiences.
You would so much want to become his co-pilot and live with him a intense great emotional shock.

This is timely, your phone rings (of course you have downloaded placebo as the ring tone); on the line your sky knight, all excited, learns you that Sunday is a perfect day for flying. He checked the weather 19,812 times and happy news "the conditions are CAVOK”. Your heart leap into your mouth. You confess him that you just had reserved this small super nice restaurant where you would have offered him to go for a dinner on Saturday night.

Indication number 3: one will never go out the eve of a flight. A pilot practice asceticism 24 hours before flying.  A pilot never drinks; a pilot must rest before a flight. He must enter in communion with his navigation. True osmosis shared by his body, his spirit and his flight plan.

The day looks so romantic ... Since yesterday, you've chosen your outfit methodically: flat shoes with rubber soles, your Levis jeans, this delightful bandanna that your have brought from San Francisco and above all ... your pin “Rafale".

Sunday, 7 o’clock morning, it all starts with a balanced breakfast because, as your dietician friend explained to you, the athlete needs carbohydrates before the flight. Then you go hand in hand towards the car which takes you to the airfield. Arriving fresh and ready, your pilot, the step eager and happy, shows you the way to the Hangar B2.

Tip number 4: Then you learn that your task now is to open with your little hands the 20 linear meters of shutters that open the temple of the flying machine. Because your fiancé must file the flight plan, check the layer of clouds and, finally, say hello to the President of the Aero Club, in the nearby hangar.

An hour later, after having polished  the wings of the desire, refuelled, go to the toilet as a precaution and double check the aircraft, he invites you to sit in the machine. The cockpit is a real cosy nest consisting of 4 seats, pedals, various joysticks and a dashboard, all in a volume of 2 cubic meters. You'll then be stuck tight against him throughout the whole flight. Important detail, no jealousy mirror to admire your beautiful little face turned into a head of cabbage by the helmet.

Beginning of the runway, ready for takeoff, you admire the pilot concentrated on his instruments, on the track, and on the microphone with the control tower. He is so ... sexy. Ready? he tells you with a large smile. Within seconds, the device flew through the air, leaving beneath your feet the ground floor and all its miseries.

Here is the Univ'Air, the horizon at the ends of the wing tips. The country of cirrus and stratus opens its doors to you. Back to the cockpit: about thirty instrument dials help your pilot for the perfect mastery of his machine. You who have dreamed of a loving kiss for this baptism ... it will not happen because,

Tip number 5: The pilot likes, loves, gloats, exults at turning the small knobs of his electronic devices. His horizon is now artificial. Don Quixote's fights with GPS weapons, gives battle to his V6 turbo, synchronises the valves, adjusts in a millionth of a millimetre the mixture, maintains altitude at  plus or minus 10 feet, and if possible without changes of altitude, checks and adjusts his heading permanently. In short, the plane has completely erased you from his field of vision.



 But aren’t you this woman in love stayed up there to a still in the clouds? Your  ticket would it not be a one-way ticket to the still unknown destination to your love?


(to be continued...).







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"My soul is in the sky." -- William Shakespeare, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream,' Act V. Scene I.