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Horst Gläsker - Art Aero

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 "Symbols of a creative economy
Horst Gläsker's AERO_ART stands for the fusion of artistic energy and high tech. The wind turbines are coloured, but not simply that. They are works of art for all to see. In the past, atmospheric, landscaped painting tried to make wind farms invisible. Now they can appear as sculptural, vibrant objects in their own right. These big, colourful generators change attitudes, for they will generate not only power but an "emotional mantle" and an enormously positive acceptance in those who live or work near them or are simply passers-by. They are symbols of a new era, icons of a creative economy.
These wind turbines are the positive emblems of regenerative energy, innovative advance and a future tailored to man's needs. That's why it's so important that the wind power business should highlight this advance - for everyone to see. Horst Gläsker's AERO_ART colour concept holds tremendous significance for both internal and external communications, unique positioning in the market and competitor differentiation."

Horst Gläsker



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collection2The Airline Angels.


 An original, unique in Belgium collection, pay a tribute to all the hostesses (and the hosts), who in a plane, are taking care of our comfort and our safety.

Of course, these angels of heaven combine grace and beauty.


At the very beginnings of air passenger transport and later, the competition is pushing the companies towards differentiation by all means. All these new airlines, of course, want to stand out from other airtransport companies. This differenciation is done by the color of the aircrafts, the badges, the flags, the service, and the uniforms of the flight attendants.


IMG 9587xThe biggest names in fashion were asked to express all their art, originality and pragmatism in the design of the clothes that wanted and still want to be the flagship associated with the image of each airline.

This is so true that even in the event of a merger of several companies, and the harmonization of uniform (homogenization of course!), small differences like the color of the scarf might or may remain.

 This collection, patiently completed over the years, has to date more than 100 uniforms of flight attendants.

The journey begins in 1964 to continue today.






Nostalgia for sure, as part of the uniforms presented were owned by now extinct airlines like UTA or Sabena.


 The collector is always looking for uniforms or parts of uniforms, to extend and complete his collection.

Donations welcome.  Airline Angels Website


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Bugatti - De Monge

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P100 1 Ettore Bugatti, cars and engines aficionado, became famous for his ability to conceive and build nice fast cars and powerful advanced in design engines.

Indeed his cars won a myriad of trophy in two years time, and apparently nobody, yet, has succeeded in gaining so many victories in the same time frame.

Ettore Bugatti intrusion in aeronautical matters resulted, in cooperation with Count Pierre Louis de Monge, a Belgian engineer, to the construction of an ultra fine designed plane the Bugatti - De Monge 100 P. The plane was built with the aim to win the 1938 Deutsch de la Meurthe coupe, but never flew as the World War 2 arrived.

5343111402imThis unique plane has survived till today after several up and down, being move from Europe to USA. The plane is now exposed at the EAA Air venture Museum. As many of Bugatti creations, this plane is not far from being an Art Deco Masterpiece, knowing Ettore Bugatti passion for perfection.

An American team is now building a replica of this plane with the participation of Ladislas De Monge, Louis de Monge grandson. The task is not easy as few average quality drawings are available, and nothing was found about the wing profile. Nevertheless test fly should occur during 2011.

You may discover how the project started and his actual status at:

The plane was exhibited exhibited at the Oshkosh 2011 Air venture, and got the expected success !(

bc-im-02Several researchers have tried to rebuild the history of this plane, but quite often, some contradictory information can be found here and there. This is quite understandable as the project for this plane was started, about 2 years before the WW2 and Bugatti father and sons were not anymore alive just few years after the end of the Second World War.

To know more about this plane you may visit the following sites:

Bugatti – De Monge 100 P replica project :           

The Bugatti Revue N°3: 

The Bugatti Revue N°4 :

Bugatti – De Monge 100 P aficionado:

Valerio Adami

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Valerio-AdamiThe Airplane   from Valerio Adami


Valerio Adami, born March 17, 1935 in Bologna (Italy); is actually defined as "the most French of Italian painters.

His, now famous, bright colors and flattened forms identified by a black outline that suggest the clear line of comic books but also the church windows, assured him an international reputation.

The main themes of his paintings are literature, travel, and the relationship between poetry, music and painting. He also maintained from the very beginning of his artist life, a close relationship with writers and artists of the international avant-garde from Paris.


Valerio Adami made his initial formation through the workshop of  Felice Carena and met at Venice  Oskar Kokoschka.

After studying painting at the Brera Academy in Milan, in the studio of Achille Funi, between 1951 and 1954, Valerio Adami gives first paintings that relate to Expressionism, but soon he finds his own style which is identified by forms surrounded with a thick line and processed in flat areas of pure color (Surrealist influence that remains in his work), and without shadows.


For more information:





François Susky

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François Susky, pilot and artist,  fly over and paint the French Guyana.



Francois Susky, 80 years old ,  flew away from  former central eastern European country at the end of the 40's, and after several journeys,  settled  in French Guyana at Cayenne at the very beginning of the 50's.


He was one of the few pilot to fly over unknown area which did not yet appear on the maps .  He is still living and flying  there, flying his Cessna 182 on top of the tropical forest,  still being one of the few links when no roads exist  to reach some villages inside the country.




For example,  about twice a week, he flies to Saint Elie, a village of prospectors , totally  isolated within the Guyana forest, with no road access for which the sole possible links are the boat through the lake of Petit Sault, or the helicopter, or the plane.

Once the final destination is reached, some specific skills and experience are needed to land the plane (Copyright pictures FS Guyana).  










When he takes some rest from flying,  he is painting the forest he is flying over, with the same dexterity as he is flying his plane. 


The bright colours of these paintings from  François Susky,  where the vigorous green dominates, are representing  this magnificent tropical area and some of its inhabitants. 


In all the paints, colours detonations are in symphony with the vigorous nature and the bright light.




In 2009, the pilot artist had his paintings exhibited (pdf 5mo) by the local authorities in Cayenne.