The encounter

The encounter

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spit LFLU small-2You know him since very little time and already you pinch for him...

Last week, during a dinner with your friends you immediately noticed him. Atmosphere, remarkable tapas and complicity between friends found again, the evening promises to be enjoyable. The contact comes with surprise guest, the discussion is playful. Between laughter and intense glances, the evening is promised.

A quiet assured accompanies his smile. Therefore only few seconds are necessary to this nice boy with charm to turn your heart to spin.

Back home late, the night is rough. You give to eat 3 times to the cat, you chain showers and TV serials, open 99 times the refrigerator and leave 15 text’s to your best friend. The obvious conclusion must be faced: you start to feel the first symptoms of the love at first sight.

A few days later your phone indicates the following text: Do you want to take fresh air with me? And as indications on how to join : GPS coordinates. Your heart leap into your mouth. After a failed suicide attempt while checking your dressing, and various insults delivered to your hairdresser, you're ready. You rush on your small car and plug your tom-tom. The display shows 1 hour 28 drive for a time of 97 minutes.

You click your music player and you're already dreaming, while driving your own car to this gallant first appointment. Stroll in the woods, intimate lunch in this small hostel that you love, boat trips on the lake, what will he propose to you ? The journey forwards, you notice that you leave the city, cross through three industrial areas, a new craftsmanship area, two – works in progress - sites, so that Tom will guide you to a large plot vaguely vague where nothing emerges from earth except .... some small flying machines you could discover the last time on your favourite TV channel. You must make clear to you, you are in an aerodrome. Your conquest awaits you in the parking lot and proudly announces "I am a pilot."

You stop breathing; Fighter in the air force, Captain, Top Gun and Natasha stewardess, the vastness of the sky, magic inaccessible clouds and true freedom. You question glance, "No, private pilot" he adds immediately.

First tip: At that precise moment, two choices are in front of you, flee quickly before it is too late or decide to share with him his single passion: flying. You can never take off this afternoon due to weather. It does not matter, as long as you're with him! You are already so in love and then all this is so new.

Second tip: the weather. You will have to decline your life according to the cloud base, the wind, the visibility, the temperature, the dew point and the atmospheric pressure. This is good as you are naturally curious and this is so much more exhilarating than be sunbathing on the beach.


Meditate quickly before crossing the taxiway. For now you will experience the great adventure of the pilot's bride.


Continued in: First Flight



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