Flight Plan

UK Customs GAR form

GAR - General Aviation Report - to fill and to send by mail or fax to the UK authorities prior flying to UK (preferably send also a copy to the authorities related to your destination airport).

GAR form to fill, to print and to send:

msoffice-word-ico-128 Word pdf-icon pfd   msoffice-excel-ico-128 Excel

Aquapdf50 Guidance & Notes

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Sites-icon50  AOPA Online GAR form ( fully functionnal but still in development).

Belgocontrol FPL

belgologo med

Submit a flight plan via direct access to Belgocontrol FPL webaccess (need to be registered)

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Olivia allows to get enroute meteorological information, NOTAM, and to prepare and submit or modify a flight plan.


Olivia (On Line Integrated tool for Visualization of Information for Airmen) is maintained by the French DGAC)