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Agnès Crépin

DerivePlanes retired from service survive, through memory and some of their parts, nicely transformed in pieces of modern art usable and usefull in day to day life.  From art to art indeed.
Agnès Crépin, saves from scrap, pieces such as wings, propellers, turbines, undercarriages , guns, instruments and makes out of these, art elements which will allow to perdure the memory of the defunct flying machines. Creation Aero Design by Agnès Crépin.

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collection2The Airline Angels.

An original, unique in Belgium collection, pay a tribute to all the hostesses (and the hosts), who in a plane, are taking care of our comfort and our safety.

Of course, these angels of heaven combine grace and beauty.


At the very beginnings of air passenger transport and later, the competition is pushing the companies towards differentiation by all means. All these new airlines, of course, want to stand out from other airtransport companies. This differenciation is done by the color of the aircrafts, the badges, the flags, the service, and the uniforms of the flight attendants. readmore20Read more

Art of Flying

Serge Reynaud & Claudia Marchesin


helicopantheThese magnificent flying machines strait issued from the creative imagination of Serge Reynaud and Claudia Marchesin, would probably not had displeased the master Leonardo Da Vinci, as part of these machines are based on his drawings, in a quiet tribute.They illustrate, in a bright way that moving in the air is an art in itself and that flying is a dream from ever

 aquila nuvole

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Bugatti - De Monge

P100 1Ettore Bugatti, cars and engines aficionado, became famous for his ability to conceive and build nice fast cars and powerful advanced in design engines. Indeed Bugatti cars won a myriad of trophy, and apparently nobody, yet, has succeeded in gaining so many victories within the same time frame.
Ettore Bugatti intrusion in aeronautical matters resulted, in cooperation with Pierre Louis de Monge, a Belgian engineer, to the construction of an ultra fine designed plane the Bugatti - De Monge 100 P, which never flew.

As many of Bugatti creations, this plane is not far from being an Art Deco masterpiece, knowing Ettore Bugatti passion for perfection.

The plane is exhibited at the EAA Air venture Museum.

An American team, is now building a replica of this plane with the aim to fly it. readmore20Read more

Catherine Corniolo-Boutin

Oh-la-la-Carefully selected planes and parts of the planes are the subjects of the inspired paintings of Catherine Corniolo Boutin. The artist never shows a complete plane on her acrylics paints, and this is probably what make her paintings appealing and differents.

One of her theme is the aircraft carrier and aircraft carrier planes which were the subjects of an exhibition "Flight Deck" held from July,2 till August,14 2011; at Angers-Marcé régional airport. A former exhibition held in 2010, named "Regards d'Aviateur" was depicting the daily life of land-based planes and teams.



Catherine Corniolo Boutin was selected to participate to the XVIIth National exhibition of the Army Painters, held from 17 June till 17 July 2011, which is hopefully, one of the steps to enter in the club of the official painters of the Army. She is also selected to participate to the 42nd exhibition of the Franch Navy to be held from December,2 till January,8 2012 at the French Navy National Museum - Paris- France.

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Catherine Corniolo-Boutin website

Christophe Parodi

Mekanik-Art   by   Christophe Parodi

Point dinterrogation 500-c-p


Christophe Parodi's oil painting subjects encompass machines allowing to gracefully travel via ground, water or air.

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Claude Karlen

claude karlen P 51D Mustang 330


banniere accueil claude carlen 330


claude karlen retour de mission 330

François Susky

 guyanaFrançois Susky  fly over and paints the French Guyana


Francois Susky, 80 years old ,  flew away from  former central eastern European country at the end of the 40’s, and after several journeys,  settled  in French Guyana at Cayenne at the very beginning of the 50s …….

survol_fleuve_kourouHe was one of the few pilot to fly over unknown area which did not yet appear on the maps.

He is still living and flying there, his Cessna 182 on top of the tropical forest,... readmore20Read more

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When taking some rest from flying,  he is painting the forest he is flying over, with the same dexterity as he is flying his plane....


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Horst Gläsker - Art Aero

Horst-Glaesker-1Wind turbines can be a concern for aviation. They trend to proliferate everywhere and to be sometimes implemented in runways paths. This may be a danger for planes. Uniformity of colour white or grey, is also part of their characteristics.

Fortunately Horst Gläsker proposes a nice solution to render these necessary but not always sympathetic electricity generators, in something nicer to look at, by transforming them in a colourful symphony of mast and propellers.

Horst-Glaesker-2Horst-Glaesker-4 Horst-Glaesker-3Horst-Glaesker-5 

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Horst Gläsker's AERO_ART

Jean Leclercqz




Crazy Flying Machines

Jean Leclercqz - Brussels - Belgium 

Rue Saint-Josse 19 • 1210 Bruxelles

Changes occurs. Planes are energy consummers. Other technologies will have to be invented for cleaner planes, and will request a new creativity.... readmore20Read More



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Jean Maljean

CO2-Jean-Maljean Affiche 

Reflexions in Transit


Pictures taken by Jean Maljean,


In transit at Munich Airport,


While killing a couple of hours.


Jean Marc Leydier

photo_0731_smallPropellers and Hearts


Jean Marc Leydier,  amphitrion and artists, will receive you in Ardèche (France), and will show to you his talents for cooking and painting....

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Jean Marc Leydier,     Les 3 Chemins,

Route de Lyas,    F-07000 Coux  France

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Jordan Griska

jordan-griska2008 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts alumnus, Jordan Griska gave a last mission to a Grumman tracker II  US navy bomber plane.

The 1960 aircraft carrier based submarine bomber, is now a piece of art as well as a working greenhouse, growing medicinal and nutritive plants.

It will be exposed for about one year at the temporary exhibition area of the Lenfest plazza, inaugurating the temporary exhibition programme.

gruman ggh3

Lenfest-plazzagruman ggh2


  Kim Gilwong Blue Heart

Recycled aluminium and plexiglass becomes origami art planes.


red-bull-txt Kim Gilwong's bi-planes are born from a youth dream to become pilot.

He then materialised his dream in his creations centered around planes.

Harmoneously melting, Korean artistic tradition and modern art, Kim Gilwong meticouleously transforms, coca cola and red bull cans in origami art planes.  readmore20Read More


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Movie about Spitfire and JU 52

Spit LFLU 01Spitfires, and a junker JU52 who wants maybe to be taken for a Ford Trimotor; male pilots almost no macho, a matchless 5 stars hotel buttler played by John Malkovitch; and a sexy female pilot slightly provocative.

Which pilot has never dreamed about flying a spitfire, trying to fight the tights, that a glamorous young lady pilot, carelessly throw from the window of her plane?

Humor, mythic planes, fluidity of the pictures and controls,  adventure and action movie music.

No it is not a great history, but an advertisement to launch the Spitfire watches from IWC.

iwc movieMaybe or maybe not an anthology advertisement, but with no doubt nice planes and pictures to fill the eyes.

(See the movie)

My Private Dance


Summer 2007.



Would you would have been landing at Gatwick  or Manchester or Stanstead airport,  you would have been able to see this pictures, from the sky, painted on the ground.


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Neal Cuddy

Aviation Artwork




Neal Cuddy




Aviation Art Work by Neal Cuddy



Paulo Mendes da Rocha


Is this a piece of an Airplane, a Zeppelin, or a Flying Saucer , or maybe a chimera of an Airplane, a Zeppelin and a Flying saucer? it can be one of three or some of the three depending on the viewpoint.


This magnificent vessel made of concrete, ready to take off, is the envelope of the Sau Paulo Athletic Club gymansium (Brazil) "Clube Atlético Paulistano" which was created by the Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha. (Photo © José Moscardi).

Pearl Harbor historical pictures

 PEARL HARBOR, December 7th, 1941.

68 years left film in a camera found in a warehouse of material decommissioned at Pearl Harbour, by persons responsible for carrying out the storage .....

The quality of the photos shows good storage conditions - and no moisture ...-.


It is an incredible set of photos taken during the Japanese attack against Pearl Harbor in December 1941 with a Brownie camera.

The film has just been exposed after remaining for nearly 68 years in the unit kept in a Foot Locker store. Imagine the emotion of the people in the lab during development of the film.
The photos are impressive. They were taken by a sailor from the USS Quapaw ATF-11O.





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Peter Close

Beautiful cold cast bronze sculptures representing military glories or celebrities pertaining to the second world war history like Sir Winston Churchill, Douglas Bader, General Doolittle and many more.

 waist gunners bronze1

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 churchill bronze bust  1-petercloselogo


Philip Stevens

Pstevens 6From West to East and from North to South, Philip Stevens, aviation photographer, captures in his shots and shares with us flying machines from worldwide locations.

Military aircrafts of all eras and civilian aircrafts before the 60's are his favourite.

His pictures illustrate the online magazine "Air Force Review", for which he is one of the editors.

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PStevens 2v-bomber



Philippe Sagniez


Nato Tiger Meeting  2011




Photographies by Philippe Sagniez




Pierre de Caters

   de caters1Over one hundred years ago...,


Pierre de Caters, became the first Belgian aviator


Replica exhibition at the Royal Military Museum -Brussels -Belgium


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Pierre-André Haegeman

PAH 2113Military pilot then airline pilot in Sabena, and now artwork painter, Pierre-André Haegeman delivers us his naive fairy paintings whose themes are of course inspired by aeronautics, but also landscapes seen from plane, partially recalling the style of Rob Gonsalves, with an equal success.

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8, rue de Genleau - 1380 Lasne -Belgium
Open  Thursday to Sunday  14H00 to 18H00
By appointment : +32(0)2 633 40 45

Raynald Murphy

Watercolour and air travel


a juice

"Would you like something to drink"

Raynald Murphy is an art man painting and living in Canada. His main work is based upon watercolour.  

Amongst numerous subjects, he was also interested by aeronautical subjects when he travelled by air.  


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Relicta Design

02relictaAvionAre you "geek" of aviation, planes and design furnitures for your working or living space?  Relicta Design transforms your wishes in reality allowing you to be 24 hours a day in an aeronautical  ambiance.

20relictaDSC 2775-2-These old, considered just good for scrap, pieces of planes, reinvented by virtue of the magics from Tiziano Rutilo and Rosario Gallina become part of your daily working or living environment.

15relictaP-W-Twin-Seats-8They then are functionnal or decorative parts of your office  or your home, allowing you to get your breakfast in your "AeroKitchen", to work in your "AeroOffice", to rest a while in your "AeroSeat", 30relicta-Jacuzzithen after an intensive day to relax in your "AeroJacusi", and finally to have a dinner in your "AeroKitchen". Geek or not you will love these pieces of art.

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icon info Where to find:

fin-de-siecle Fins-De-Siècles

Rue Haute 184, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

pacific-compagnie Pacific Compagnie

166 Rue Faubourg Saint Honoré  75008 Paris, France

Rémi Coudrain

845766 pre

The fountain of the plane by Rémi Coudrain


Nearby the airport of Andrézieux Bouthéon ( France), one may discover a fountain which theme is a biplane.

This artwork was ordered by the city, to illustrate the aeronautical past of Andrézieux Bouthéon City, in which the Bouthéon planes were built. The full scale plane is made with stainless steel covered with resin  and its propeller is moved by the water of the fountain.

AvBoutheon  845764 pre

To get an insight of the genesys of the fountain or other realisations from Remi Coudrain:

Remi COUDRAIN Sculpteur




Rob Gonsalves

Gonsalves BedtimeAviationBed Time Aviation by Rob Gonsalves

Magical elements blended with real world or real world blended with magical elements ?

This is magic realism, well illustrated by Rob Gonsalves drawing "Bed time Aviation", in which indeed, magical world and magic of flying are intimately linked together.
More about Rob Gonsalves art work

RobGonsalves FlightPlan

Flight Plan by Rob Gonsalves

Smile in the Sky

True picture...........or not ?

sourire du ciel

The probability to take such a picture is probably less than 1/1.000.000

 "Nice anyway,  isn' it ?"

  The artist might be : Maria Augusta Simonetti - Belém-PA/Brazil

Tag Vador and R2D2

The image of Dark Vador and R2D2 reviewed.

tag vador


This nice and unusual Tag  was captured on a wall in Brussels Belgium in March 2009. Now it has been wiped out....


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Valerio Adami


The Airplane   from Valerio Adami







  Valerio Adami, born March 17, 1935 in Bologna (Italy); is now defined as "the most French of Italian painters".

One of his drawings subject is a plane.

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Yannis Gaitis


Yannis Gaitis (1923-1984) became famous for his blank-faced, look-alike figures, resulting in anonymous men aimed at depicting the uniformity and sterility of mass living.  Some of his paintings were related to aviation, depicting the mass transport with a plane.

Born in Athens (Hellas), he spent the last 26 years of his life in Paris (France).