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Movie about Spitfire and JU 52

Spit LFLU 01Spitfires, and a junker JU52 who wants maybe to be taken for a Ford Trimotor; male pilots almost no macho, a matchless 5 stars hotel buttler played by John Malkovitch; and a sexy female pilot slightly provocative.

Which pilot has never dreamed about flying a spitfire, trying to fight the tights, that a glamorous young lady pilot, carelessly throw from the window of her plane?

Humor, mythic planes, fluidity of the pictures and controls,  adventure and action movie music.

No it is not a great history, but an advertisement to launch the Spitfire watches from IWC.

iwc movieMaybe or maybe not an anthology advertisement, but with no doubt nice planes and pictures to fill the eyes.

(See the movie)