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Bugatti - De Monge

P100 1Ettore Bugatti, cars and engines aficionado, became famous for his ability to conceive and build nice fast cars and powerful advanced in design engines. Indeed Bugatti cars won a myriad of trophy, and apparently nobody, yet, has succeeded in gaining so many victories within the same time frame.
Ettore Bugatti intrusion in aeronautical matters resulted, in cooperation with Pierre Louis de Monge, a Belgian engineer, to the construction of an ultra fine designed plane the Bugatti - De Monge 100 P, which never flew.

As many of Bugatti creations, this plane is not far from being an Art Deco masterpiece, knowing Ettore Bugatti passion for perfection.

The plane is exhibited at the EAA Air venture Museum.

An American team, is now building a replica of this plane with the aim to fly it. readmore20Read more