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02relictaAvionAre you "geek" of aviation, planes and design furnitures for your working or living space?  Relicta Design transforms your wishes in reality allowing you to be 24 hours a day in an aeronautical  ambiance.

20relictaDSC 2775-2-These old, considered just good for scrap, pieces of planes, reinvented by virtue of the magics from Tiziano Rutilo and Rosario Gallina become part of your daily working or living environment.

15relictaP-W-Twin-Seats-8They then are functionnal or decorative parts of your office  or your home, allowing you to get your breakfast in your "AeroKitchen", to work in your "AeroOffice", to rest a while in your "AeroSeat", 30relicta-Jacuzzithen after an intensive day to relax in your "AeroJacusi", and finally to have a dinner in your "AeroKitchen". Geek or not you will love these pieces of art.

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fin-de-siecle Fins-De-Siècles

Rue Haute 184, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

pacific-compagnie Pacific Compagnie

166 Rue Faubourg Saint Honoré  75008 Paris, France