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Raynald Murphy

Watercolour and air travel


"Would you like something to drink"

 would you like something to drink  

Raynald Murphy is an art man painting and living in Canada. His main work is based upon watercolour.  

Amongst numerous subjects, he was also interested by aeronautical subjects when he travelled by air.  

As any enthusiast, he loves to share and to show how to draw and paint with watercolour. 

Would you like to test your watercolour skills, while flying  ( as a passenger)?  You will find in his site, tips to become a champion, and a description of the material needed ( and allowed) in the plane.


The herebelow drawings are from Raynald Murphy and where drawn in October 2008. 







"Planes up and down - to spare paper and time" 

up side down avions 



" Would you like a juice?" 

a juice 


images type photo 

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