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François Susky

François Susky, pilot and artist,  fly over and paint the French Guyana.



Francois Susky, 80 years old ,  flew away from  former central eastern European country at the end of the 40's, and after several journeys,  settled  in French Guyana at Cayenne at the very beginning of the 50's.


He was one of the few pilot to fly over unknown area which did not yet appear on the maps .  He is still living and flying  there, flying his Cessna 182 on top of the tropical forest,  still being one of the few links when no roads exist  to reach some villages inside the country.




For example,  about twice a week, he flies to Saint Elie, a village of prospectors , totally  isolated within the Guyana forest, with no road access for which the sole possible links are the boat through the lake of Petit Sault, or the helicopter, or the plane.

Once the final destination is reached, some specific skills and experience are needed to land the plane (Copyright pictures FS Guyana).  










When he takes some rest from flying,  he is painting the forest he is flying over, with the same dexterity as he is flying his plane. 


The bright colours of these paintings from  François Susky,  where the vigorous green dominates, are representing  this magnificent tropical area and some of its inhabitants. 


In all the paints, colours detonations are in symphony with the vigorous nature and the bright light.




In 2009, the pilot artist had his paintings exhibited (pdf 5mo) by the local authorities in Cayenne.