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Valerio Adami

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Valerio-AdamiThe Airplane   from Valerio Adami


Valerio Adami, born March 17, 1935 in Bologna (Italy); is actually defined as "the most French of Italian painters.

His, now famous, bright colors and flattened forms identified by a black outline that suggest the clear line of comic books but also the church windows, assured him an international reputation.

The main themes of his paintings are literature, travel, and the relationship between poetry, music and painting. He also maintained from the very beginning of his artist life, a close relationship with writers and artists of the international avant-garde from Paris.


Valerio Adami made his initial formation through the workshop of  Felice Carena and met at Venice  Oskar Kokoschka.

After studying painting at the Brera Academy in Milan, in the studio of Achille Funi, between 1951 and 1954, Valerio Adami gives first paintings that relate to Expressionism, but soon he finds his own style which is identified by forms surrounded with a thick line and processed in flat areas of pure color (Surrealist influence that remains in his work), and without shadows.


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