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collection2The Airline Angels.


 An original, unique in Belgium collection, pay a tribute to all the hostesses (and the hosts), who in a plane, are taking care of our comfort and our safety.

Of course, these angels of heaven combine grace and beauty.


At the very beginnings of air passenger transport and later, the competition is pushing the companies towards differentiation by all means. All these new airlines, of course, want to stand out from other airtransport companies. This differenciation is done by the color of the aircrafts, the badges, the flags, the service, and the uniforms of the flight attendants.


IMG 9587xThe biggest names in fashion were asked to express all their art, originality and pragmatism in the design of the clothes that wanted and still want to be the flagship associated with the image of each airline.

This is so true that even in the event of a merger of several companies, and the harmonization of uniform (homogenization of course!), small differences like the color of the scarf might or may remain.

 This collection, patiently completed over the years, has to date more than 100 uniforms of flight attendants.

The journey begins in 1964 to continue today.






Nostalgia for sure, as part of the uniforms presented were owned by now extinct airlines like UTA or Sabena.


 The collector is always looking for uniforms or parts of uniforms, to extend and complete his collection.

Donations welcome.  Airline Angels Website


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