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Jean Marc Leydier

Propellers and Hearts


Jean Marc Leydier, Amphitrion in ardèche ( France) will receive you in his nicely decorated home and will show to you his talents for cooking and painting. Go there and enjoy the break.


 At first glance, the paintings of Jean-Marc Leydier evoke sewing, colourful fabrics, sequins, a mastered festival of colours.

Then the eyes of the visitor discover slowly ... It is not anymore about buttons, stones added to fabrics, or embroidery, comes the structuring of space by almost geometric lines through points of colour, school small rubber pieces glued by an attentive child. 

The next glance stops on another canvas. Surreptitiously it comes to space cut into strips like a Mondrian who would have structured the space by free hands or closer to us, to a joyful Daniel Buren, almost childlike, but less systematic.
Jean Marc Leydier loves abstraction hampered by bright colours, cheerful rigor, and the lightness of the dragonfly on an almost straight old stone wall.

In this exhibition, the artist that he is from ever, shows us through his series of recent paintings, painted in the palm of the Ardèche granite and soft meadows, a new side of his researches between feverish abstraction,  joy of colour and many other themes to explore.


Jean Marc Leydier

Les 3 Chemins

Route de Lyas

F-07000 COUX