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Catherine Corniolo-Boutin

Oh-la-la-Carefully selected planes and parts of the planes are the subjects of the inspired paintings of Catherine Corniolo Boutin. The artist never shows a complete plane on her acrylics paints, and this is probably what make her paintings appealing and differents.

One of her theme is the aircraft carrier and aircraft carrier planes which were the subjects of an exhibition "Flight Deck" held from July,2 till August,14 2011; at Angers-Marcé régional airport. A former exhibition held in 2010, named "Regards d'Aviateur" was depicting the daily life of land-based planes and teams.



Catherine Corniolo Boutin was selected to participate to the XVIIth National exhibition of the Army Painters, held from 17 June till 17 July 2011, which is hopefully, one of the steps to enter in the club of the official painters of the Army. She is also selected to participate to the 42nd exhibition of the Franch Navy to be held from December,2 till January,8 2012 at the French Navy National Museum - Paris- France.

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