A History of Aviation in Alderney

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Edward Pinnegar



A History of Aviation in Alderney takes a brisk and affectionate look at a previously neglected topic: the lifetime of powered flight on this Channel Island. Packed with information, characters and anecdotes, it covers the period from 1919 to the present day, encompassing the Nazi occupation, the birth (and death) of various airlines, and all the major accidents and incidents that the island and its waters have seen. readmore20Read more  

Air Battle of Ardennes

bataille aerienne ardennes couverture livre FRThe story of the Ardennes Air Battle (Battle of Bulge) tells the importance of the implemented allied air power to counter the German offensive launched in the Ardennes in December 1944 and aimed to reclaim the port of Antwerp.

Although a lot had been written about the Battle of Bulge from the ground perspective, this book adds the air dimension to this decisive WW2 battle in Europe.

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Avro Lancaster LL943

The enigma of  Lancaster LL 943  by Gabriel Bauters


18 / 19 July 1944: from Witchford(i) to Aulnoye, from Aulnoye to Laplaigne and to Valenciennes.

September 6, 1944: at Laplaigne, impressive funerals.

For over sixty-five years, Sergeant Henry Simmonds is buried in the communal cemetery of Laplaigne.

ll943True duty of memory, the enigma of Lancaster LL943, fate of oblivion the sacrifice of seven young British airmen.?

From where was then turning back the airplane of the young aviator?  What was its mission? Where an how has he been stricken? What happened to the other members of the crew? Who were they? readmore20   Read more


April 2011, thanks to and to the book of Gabriel Bauters, Sergeant Henry Simmonds brother and sister, discovered, 65 five years later, how and what happened to her brother and to the other crew members of LL943. readmore20   View article

Baron Pierre de Caters

de caters livre1.1baron Pierre de CATERS (1875-1944) - Or the Madness for the Wheels


This book (270 pages), written by Baron de Caters grandson Guy de Caters, is divided in two periods.

The first one relates the car races to which Pierre de Caters participated (Paris-Vienne in 1902, Paris-Madrid in 1903, Ardennes ( Buggles) circuit  in 1902, 1905, 1907, Gordon-Bennett race in 1903, 1904 and 1905).

The second period describes the birth of the Belgian aviation in 1908, with the Voisin « de CATERS NºI » and « de CATERS NºII ». Pierre de Caters built the first airfield of Belgium at St-Job-in-'t-Goor in the province of Anvers, created the first Belgian aircraft company whose planes were named "Aviator" and  did several journey abroad belgium, one of them reaching india.

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ISBN : 978-84-613-8604-8

Flying Firefighters

pompier du cielThe daily life of the famous flying firefighters and their pelicans in images. This comic, proposed by the Éditions Idée+, helped by the association Friendship of the flying firefighters, takes you in the world of the famous bombers of the sky, who daily risk their lives to rescue and protect. To be read as a fictionalized but also very instructive saga on the work done by all stakeholders fighting forest fires. (In french only).

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Flying Machines Volantes - The First Book

The First book of the  FLYING MACHINES VOLANTES presents Jean Leclercqz artwork.  

a cover book1

FlyingMachines 1, Book 21 x 26 cm, 48 pages + cover 

Limited edition.


A light mist envelops the runway this early morning.

The beating wings of fugitives Avocets tune the inconspicuous move of an hippotragus herd. Glowing dawn escorts my departure, see you soon again Burkina, African lady.

Return flight to Brussels. .... ..readmore20   Read more

Georges Guynemer

Guynemer VanackerA late crown for Guynemer


by Luc Vanacker

format 17 x 24, 88 pages (price: 14 €) - (In French only)

The disappearance of Guynemer in September 11, 1917 within the skies of Flanders remains shrouded in mystery.

Who killed the French Ace holder of 53 registered victories? Quite probably not the aviator Kurt Wissemann who were awarded the win. readmore20  Read More

Le Pilote a l'Edelweiss 1: Valentine

Pilot-edelweiss10A thorough and dense scenario, a gripping frame, a very sharp historical reconstitution, and nice drawings. The Pilot with the Edelweiss, Volume 1: Valentine, by Romain Hugault and Yann is making us relive intensively the trench warfare, the Chemin des Dames, and the aerial combats in 1917 influenced by the loves, fears, secrets and lived dramas of the protagonists.


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Le Pilote a l'Edelweiss 2: Sidonie

pilot-edelweiss20This second part of the Pilot with the Edelweiss (T2 - Sidonie) is equally worked as fine as the first one (T1-Valentine). The plot of the story takes us through the laws of chivalry, out of which dogfights challenges that were still in force at that time. The characters of the protagonists and the strong or weak ties, love or hatred, between them, gradually appear as the mist screens dissipate still holding the reader in suspense, waiting for the next history.


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Le Pilote a l'Edelweiss 3: Walburga

edelweiss 300 In this third and final chapter of the Pilote à l´Edelweiss T3 - Walburga, stories and events are progressing in parallel, and seem to push each protagonist to the way of his destiny, which for some of them would have been revealed by an enigmatic girl from Bohemia. Will pilots and twins Henri and Alphonse see their destinies exchanged alike they exchanged their identities, as they cannot anymore reveal the trickery without losing what they love ? The war, however, without heart, laugh at destinies of men, but requires them to reveal their true nature. Whom of the two brothers will face the pilot à l´edelweiss?

edelweiss 3100 edelweiss 3103 edelweiss 3110 edelweiss 3111 edelweiss 3112 edelweiss 3113 edelweiss 3117 edelweiss 3118 edelweiss 3120 edelweiss 391 edelweiss 392

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Old Airfields LILLE-RONCHIN (France)

couv_RonchinErased runways but not forgotten


These ancient airfields, where Grandpa could land, are resurrected in our memories thanks to the painstaking work of the members of the association "Anciens-Aérodromes"  (Ancient Airfields).


The No. 1 of this collection brings to life the airfield of Lille-Ronchin which was active from 1907 until the end of the 2nd ww war.

This book tells the history of this airfield which welcomed the first planes in 1907 to land there and became, until the end of the Second World War, a place dedicated to aeronautics.

The book (size 17x24), written in French, contains 40 pages and 90 period photographs from private funds. readmore20 Read more

Old Airfields MERVILLE-CALONNE (France)

couv_MervilleErased runways, but not forgotten


These ancient airfields, where Grandpa could land, are resurrected in our memories thanks to the painstaking work of the members of the association "Anciens-Aérodromes"  (Ancient Airfields). 

The No. 2 of this collection tells the story of the Merville-Calonne airfield which activity started in 1936. In 1940 it was used by the RAF and then by the Luftwaffe. 

Once NATO left the airport in 1960, it becomes civilian, and undergo a major modernisation in 1980. Today it is used by a Flying club and a FTO.
The book (size 17x24; 68 pages), written in French, contains 105  photographies from past and present history of this airfield. readmore20  Read more


The story of Alderney in vintage photographs

alderney 1180The photographs in this fascinating selection, span almost exactly a century and tell the story of the island of Alderney from the 1850s to the present day. In addition, they are a vivid reminder of how everyday lives were led in former times – both in peace and war. Modern residents, as well as Alderney´s numerous visitors, will find much here that will surprise them.

During the German Occupation many family albums and official records were lost. Fortunately the commercial postcard photographers of the turn of the last century were as active here as elsewhere and the local views produced by their studios have survived. Likewise, some of the pictures ,taken by the soldiers and sailors that made up the occupying forces have since been acquired by the island.

Historian and photographer Brian Bonnard has assembled a collection that will make the population of Alderney proud. He brings to life the island´s unique heritage in a way that will be enjoyed by everyone.
ISBN 978-1-84868-360-0

£ 12.99
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