Avro Lancaster LL943

The enigma of  Lancaster LL 943  by Gabriel Bauters


18 / 19 July 1944: from Witchford(i) to Aulnoye, from Aulnoye to Laplaigne and to Valenciennes.

September 6, 1944: at Laplaigne, impressive funerals.

For over sixty-five years, Sergeant Henry Simmonds is buried in the communal cemetery of Laplaigne.

ll943True duty of memory, the enigma of Lancaster LL943, fate of oblivion the sacrifice of seven young British airmen.?

From where was then turning back the airplane of the young aviator?  What was its mission? Where an how has he been stricken? What happened to the other members of the crew? Who were they? readmore20   Read more


April 2011, thanks to and to the book of Gabriel Bauters, Sergeant Henry Simmonds brother and sister, discovered, 65 five years later, how and what happened to her brother and to the other crew members of LL943. readmore20   View article