Georges Guynemer

Guynemer VanackerA late crown for Guynemer


by Luc Vanacker

format 17 x 24, 88 pages (price: 14 €) - (In French only)

The disappearance of Guynemer in September 11, 1917 within the skies of Flanders remains shrouded in mystery.

Who killed the French Ace holder of 53 registered victories? Quite probably not the aviator Kurt Wissemann who were awarded the win.

Where did the Spad of Guynemer fall? Poelkapelle south, of where it was found, in 1935 an aircraft engine? If so, the place of the fall is on a picture taken from that place three days later.

Finally, what happened to the body of Guynemer?

Which of the four German official responses correspond to the truth? And what credit should be given to young Belgians who saw the body of a French aviator "anonymous''at the end of summer 1917?

This book attempts for the first time to reconstruct, from unpublished documents, what happened between the 11 to 14 September 1917.

Excavations or testimonies can always come later to support the hypothesis ...

Luc Vanacker is a professor of history at Ypres. He has published two books in Dutch about the history of Flanders on both sides of the border, and several contributions on regional history and the Great War.

(Translated from original presentation)

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