A History of Aviation in Alderney

Alderney aviation history 1A History of Aviation in Alderney




Edward Pinnegar



A History of Aviation in Alderney takes a brisk and affectionate look at a previously neglected topic: the lifetime of powered flight on this Channel Island. Packed with information, characters and anecdotes, it covers the period from 1919 to the present day, encompassing the Nazi occupation, the birth (and death) of various airlines, and all the major accidents and incidents that the island and its waters have seen.


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Commemorating the past but also looking to the future — and championing Alderney Airport in it 75th year -- the book is not solely aimed at the aviation enthusiast or the Alderney resident. It also looks at connections with the other Channel Islands of Guernsey, Jersey and Sark, touching on their own aviation art_exhibition and it considers the many benefits that air links have provided to these island communities. Illustrated throughout, both in black and white and in colour, A History of Aviation in Alderney takes flight and reveals its charm.


EDWARD PINNEGAR is an aviation enthusiast and regular visitor to Alderney. He is a pupil at Charterhouse School in Surrey, and this is his first book. He has pledged to donate some of its proceeds to Channel islands Air Search, a lifesaving, Guernsey—based charity that provides rapid-response airborne search and rescue services in Channel Island Waters.

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