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To test your flying skills, click on the image herewith, then on "Flying", then choose your game. 

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MS FFB ProStill enthusiastic about flight simulation or any other space game?

Bring back to life your beloved and indestructible Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feed Back Pro 1, or 3D Pro, or Precision Pro.

Technology is like nature: evolution is continuous and port games have almost disappear from our computers while the joysticks are still serviceable.

Nevertheless some good old things like the MS FFB Pro can survive.

If you still need or like to use your MS Sidewinder FFB Pro (game port connection) with your "USB ports only"  new computer, there are these two possibilities allowing to get it performing fairly well:


ednet 5.1 PCI Sound Card with game port (ref 87008)


 ednet-pci sound-card 87008This sound card works well with all windows version including Windows 7, and was sold by ednet with W2K W98 WMe WXP WVista and W7 drivers. (download drivers 60mb)

You may use or deactivate the sound output of this PCI (using your motherboard sound output in that case). It will make no difference for the correct functioning of the joystick.

Small Drawback in Windows 7, there is no force Feed Back due to the lack of FFB drivers for W7 (although some trials were done to modify some XP drivers).

You can get Force Feed Back for flight simulators, if you use windows XP.  



Grendel's adaptator for USB port

You may buy (although quite scarce by now), or built a user made USB port adaptater working perfectly well, thanks to Grendel.

The only drawback is the lack of Force Feed Back drivers, hence no FFB.


ms adaptaterms adaptater 2Forum of DescentBB,  you will find how to buy one user-made adaptater:





ms adaptater-builtand if you want to build one adaptater, here is the link :


Happy Flights simulated or real !  smiley-cool



Create, build, manage and develop your own airline company.











Flight Sound X 1 100FSX DUAL Cover Photo 100Connect your pilot headset to your PC with an USB adaptator from Flight Sounds X

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Single or multiple connections




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