Ald-0 blonde hedgehogAlderney (Aurigny) Island is one of the Channel Islands, being part of the UK crown dependencies. Alderney is close (7 miles) to the French Cotentin Coast in which are located the beaches of  the 1944 amphibious warfare of the allied forces.

Alderney has a nice, truly aviation friendly small airport (EGHA)  which, quite probably occupies 2/10th of the surface or at least 2/10th of the length of the island! ! Pilot dream !!? You may live at a walking distance from the airport and maybe your plane.  map

Alderney was visited one first time, very shortly, during a refuelling stop, when en route for Saint Mary (Scilly islands); with the promise to come back for a longer term visit.

Helped by a splendid, unusual, end of September mild and sunny weather, this second visit was relaxing with plenty of interesting people to meet, and many more to see and to do, than one may expect versus the size of the island.

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