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imm000 2August 2007. During a flight to LFLU (Valence - France) we were given the opportunity to attend the departure of a Lockheed L12A. One may wonder why this was noticeable. They were at least few good reasons to be happy to be there. The plane had spent several years at LFLU before being sold and we had several opportunities to have a look at it. This plane had a long and rich history, not necessarily due to a lot of flying hours. Although maintenance was missing for some time it was in very good shape, and of course had been revised for the long flight. That particular day it was departing for the United States. Besides being happy to see it flying, some French people were a little bit sad to see this plane leaving France as one of its last duty at the end of 1945 had been to carry the renowned French General Leclerc (late Maréchal Leclerc).

imm022 24August 2007: After a low fly pass above the airfield, it became a small spot in the sky flying back to its country of origin.

imm023 26

Thank to an extensive work performed by the present owners the history of this plane is available. readmore20  L12A Electra S/N 1226

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