Spitfire and Hurricane at LFLU

Photo-0005It  happened the first of october 2005 at Valence-Chabeuil airport in France (LFLU).

That day was a bad day for VFR flight.  We were there, having arrived few moments ago with yet VFR conditions, but becoming closer and closer to marginal conditions.

And suddenly we heard some quite harmonious noise of a merlin engine !.  It was simply the Duxford flying legends Spitifre "U2" and Hurricane "HAC" landing for fuel on their way back from Malta to Duxford.


Photo-0008They were in Malta for the 60th commemoration of the Battle of Brittain thanks to the project "Merlins over Malta - The Defenders return".

Nice surprise indeed, and what a pleasure to have a close encounter with these aircrafts.

The story did not stop there.  After having refuelled,  they took off  for the next step to Duxford, but the meteo became really adverse and few minutes later they came back to stay overnight.

Of course, we turned around the planes like mosquitoes, and we had some chat with the team, while giving them a lift to an hotel.

Unfortunately, we had only our phone cameras , and pictures were of average quality, but anyway what an unforgottable souvenir for those who were there.- including some kids who are now dreaming Sptifire and Hurricane quite often!.